Deck Officers

Navigational officer or Deck officer (as popularly known) is a part of the ship\"s management team. They are responsible for the passengers / cargo. It is no wonder why these duties are also referred by the word \"Watch\".

Apart from this they are also expected to make decisions regarding steering, maneuvering, controlling navigation and communication with help of latest technological systems. Working at port makes you responsible for cargo handling and ship stability. Senior Deck officers manage a team of junior officer and ratings. They guide, lead and supervise these juniors in maintaining the ship and its equipment efficiency to the best possible. The utmost position in this profession is that of a captain also known as Master.

What qualities & skills will you need?

Apart from academic skills of good mathematical abilities, excellent written and verbal communication, interest to learn and update yourself in technologies there are other aspects that one needs to perform the required task. One needs to be a quick decision maker, confident, enthusiastic, a good team player and needs the ability to motivate and instill confidence in others.

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