Brief description of an accident occurred as board. Incident happened on board a pure car carrier. One day after a long period of working (may be about 24 hrs of continuous working. 2/E and chief engineer decided to have a short break. This ship was having elevator. They tried to call elevator but it was tripped and elevator was not in operation. Normally this happens when somebody keeps the door open after using elevator. They started using the stair way. On No.5 car deck chief engineer tried to call the lift. Lift door opened but there was no lift cage inside. Chief engineer thought there was lift cage over there and walked in. All these incidents took place in a fraction of a second and he fell down from No.5 deck to engine room. He landed on the buffer spring at the engine room platform. The back bone broke and bone had protruded out. Immediately shore assistance was called and he was admitted to hospital.

This occurred during the stay at Japan. He was in the Hospital for about 3 months and he came back to normal. Two important things to be observed:

1)Safeties to be checked thoroughly

2)Proper rest during work
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