One of the tanker vessel, at the middle of Atlantic, we were facing very bad whether. There was a black out at 21.30 hrs. Simultaneously, there was fire alarm. The No.2 Gen. was on fire at its Alternator side. Fire was immediately extinguished. Sea water was falling from the top.

DE stopped the engine which was running still. The No.1 Gen. Started, taken on load, and started sailing. On investigation, it was found that the alternator had burnt due the entry of SW which was falling on top of the terminal box.Later on the alternator was replaced by that of No.3. It took us about 2 ½ days to complete the job. Since the alternator was slightly big 900 kw, the alignment of the same with the engine was very critical, which we have completed successfully.

It was a good experience. Terminal box sealing should be checked and all the insulations to be checked for the electrical equipments at regular intervals to avoid such incidents.
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