In one of the ship bunkers were taken by a C/E and he signed off in the next port. The fuel analysis report came and the new C/E was surprised to see that previous bunker’s not usable / spoofed as per bunker report and company advised not to use it and it has to be de-bunkered. But the part of the bunker was not taken in a separate tank and was mixed in the previous usable bunkers.

So I faced the problem of using that partition of bunker which was mixed up with the other usable bunkers. The new C/E had to use the mixed problem bunkers. As the filter, which is filters up to 50 microns could not cope up with that and he had to arrange cleaning the filters every 10 minutes whole of the crew were engaged in tackling this problem for another 15days. The problematic oil is used up. Remaining oil was de-bunkered to the supplier.

Later just for inspection, one of the unit was opened up to see any extra wear & tear and found fortunately not having any problem on that part. Hence it is advisable that when taking bunkers, it is better it is taken in separate tanks and in cases of disputes as above, it will save unnecessary wastage to time of the ship board people
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