The ship was only 5 year old (ownership changed) and main engine was sulzer 7RTA.The ship was running in international coastal waters. Sailing time was less than a day.

During the maneuvering it was noticed some of the alarm unit cards were not connected. After maneuvering, all alarm cards were connected, and found M/E three unit’s exhaust temperature high alarm was on. There were no local thermometers for these units. (Which was removed by the previous management people). Fitted thermometers to units to check temperature locally and found reading high values.

Next port changed exhaust v/vs and fuel v/vs of one unit and checked piston and piston rings. No change in performance noticed. On further investigation, found the M/E fuel pump timings were wrongly adjusted and fuel pumps’ plungers and barrels were leaking badly.

Fuel pump plungers and barrels were replaced from spares, the timings adjusted to that of shop floor data, and the engines were functioning normally.
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