The following incident took place in one of my ship. We had 3 aux engines with MAN B&W engine. Overhaul of No. 1 AE was done. It had no 3 unit crank pin under sized bearing. During the decarbonisation it was decided to overhaul the fuel pumps which were also due. 2 units were fitted with the spare overhauled pumps.

Other four pumps were overhauled and fitted. After the overhaul was completed, all checks were made. When engine was started it, the engine went on overspeed. The overspeed trip was provided, even then the engine did not trip and was running at more than 900 rpm.

The engine had to be stopped by shutting off the fuel manually. Before coming to stop, smoke started coming out of #3 fuel cam casing. On investigation it was found that many fuel pump plungers were assembled wrongly. This was the reason for engine not stopping when overspeed trip was activated. Four units were giving fuel.

Fuel injection was showing even though the stop order has been given.It will be a good practice, if the senior engineers check before boxing back such critical components to avoid recurrent openings and wastage of time.This will he good incident especially for 4th Engineer and 3rd Engineer who will be doing the Aux engine were on board.
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