Vessel engine make : B&W 6S60MC

Vessel had a problem while maneuvering from bridge. Dead Slow ahead RPM is 25. When the Dead slow ahead order is given and engine starts but immediately trips off while crossing 20 RPM.

On checking in the bridge maneuvering system, found “EEPROM” card got corrupted and it was showing set Dead Slow ahead RPM speed 20 instead of 25. Same was corrected to 25 and engine was tried out on Dead slow ahead and Engine started and ran perfectly. -- After a month, new EEPROM was received and fitted in bridge maneuvering system.
This incident happened on the way to Fujairah while passing thro’ minimum island in Arabian sea.

Around 1100 hrs, a sudden, noise & smoke and flame from No.1 unit of MAN /B&W was noticed and the fire was fought and extinguished with portable foam fire extinguisher. On Investigation, found, unit #5 piston crown was holed and direct fire from exhaust in combustion chamber control C/cask prior, cooling onlet This is common is all oil cooled piston / and trigged an expansion in C/Crank all unit #1 (FWD end ) C/Case door was blown and there was beyond repaired.

Action :

C/ Cask door fabricated with checked plate and fixed. Unit #5 piston pulled out and spare piston assembly replaced. Complete C/Case cleaned including sump. Fresh oil replenished in sump. Thorough inspection of all other units carried out. Through scavenge ports all piston crowns were inspected and found satisfactory.--
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