Ship: M.V.Cleopatra dream was in Durban Anchorage and in UMS made. At 2130 hrs fire alarm sounded and there was simultaneous black out. All E/R staff rushed to engine room. In the mean time emergency generator started. A/E No.3 which was running at that time had stopped. Found #1,2 crank case doors are hot. Stand by A/E started and taken on load. Emergency generator stopped. In the meantime A/E expansion tank low level alarm sounded.

Inspected and found A/E No.3, F/W P/P leaking, v/v’s shut and isolated. After AE cooled down, A/E No.3 crankcase door opened, found @1,2,3 main bearings and #1 & 2 bottom end bearings found damaged. Engine found ceased.

Further investigation revealed that F/W P/P bearings failed, causing mech. Seal get damaged. Hot fresh water flowing into the crank case and falling on bearing, eventually causing failure of lubrication and over heating, failure and seizure of bearings.

Full engine was dismantled # 1 & 2 controls were cut to remove bearings. Upon inspection and recommendation of CLASS and P&I surveyors, except fuel p/p’s. cylinder heads and a frame, rest all parts have to be removed including bedplate.

Total time taken to get new parts assembling and restoration was around one and half months.
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