Just a day prior arriving port, the E/R was cleaned with soap water and painting was completed. The owners were visiting the ship. Just before arrival, the 4/E was asked to clean the L.O discharge filter of auxiliary engine. Main Engine, was under maneuvereing. 4/E gave the job to oiler and left the place. Oiler after cleaning, boxed back the filter. This was not checked by any of the senior engineers. 4/E came after sometime, and tried out the engine without operating the priming pump. The joint was not ok on the filter, hence Lubricating Oil sprayed all over the floor plate and also onto the exhaust manifold of main engine. The auxiliary engine was stopped.

The exhaust manifold caught fire ant it was put off by 3/E and the junior engineer.

The cleaning part of the engine, floor plate and tanktop were carried out, which consumed another 6 hours.

Lesson Learnt :

The cleaning jobs can be done by the ratings. But the fitting back should be done only by the responsible person. Even if the rating does the job, it should under the supervision of the responsible person. Starting of priming pump is mandatory before starting the auxiliary engine. Had the 4/E started the priming pump, he would have noticed the leakage and this could have been rectified before starting the engine.
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