M.V.Kripa, a container ship, was on a voyage from Chennai to Colombo. At around 1300hrs there was an E/R fire alarm. It was found that one of the generators (Daihatsu) had caught fire. There were flames and thick smoke coming out from around the engine. The generator was stopped. All the E/R personal fought the fire and it was put off. On inspection of the engine it was found tat the lubricating oil from the port engine, (leakage from L.O. cooler inlet pipe flange gasket) in the form of a jet had fallen on the exhaust manifold of the center engine’s exhaust manifold.
The center engine was running at that time and there was no guard on the exhaust manifold.The fire took place during daytime. If it had taken place in the night it would have been uncontrollable.

Lesson Learnt :

It is imperative that the exhaust manifolds, even though they are lagged, they should be properly protected with a cover.
An accident took place in a chemical tanker where I was sailing as a second engineer in the port of Hong Kong. At anchorage of Hong Kong we carried out usual M/E maintenance routine of soon after we made M/E prepared for trial. Since the engine terming with turning scan and lubricating the liner is a preparing part of M/E it was carried out. Soon after engine preparation got propeller clearance Foam Bridge, were prepared to the out the M/E engine.

1)First engine blown through once.

2)Indicator cock closed.

3)M/E tried out Ahd. During Ahd. Engine termed normal.

4)M/E tried out Astern and now one had a knocking noise in B or A units also had smoke around cylinder head platform and this due to relief v/v lift.

5)Now we checked the M/E and we noticed the Cyl. Lubricator-Motor was not stopped. This caused be accumulation lub. Oil in the unit which economizer.

6)Noticed economizer plates gave away in carrier which we repaired in 15 hrs time caused a time delay of 3 hrs.

My name is S.Shanmugam working as a second engineer. I am doing to tell you about my personal accident. When I was working in lathe my hand got injured multiple pressure happen to my right hand. Vessel has to divert I was hospitalized for 8 weeks. I could not sail for 2 years. Reason bending is I have not switched off the power switch of the lathe. When I was working, so please don’t repeat the mistake again.
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