After 2 ½ days sailing from Itaco Atiafa (Brazil), the ship entered into the mighty Amazon River. V/L was fully loaded with grain & pilot (river pilot) on board the vessel; suddenly the main engine tripped due to L.O. low pressure alarm. The standby pump did not start. Due to this and due to the current ship’s stern sat on the ground. Luckily the bow & the mid ship portion were still floating. Soundings of all tanks were taken. There was no ingress of water anywhere on the ship. After investigation it was found that the L.O. Pump motor which was running, tripped due to over heating and the 2nd L.O. PP did not start due to problem in the pressure switch. After a while both L.O. pps were made operational. Engine was started in ahead direction and speed increased right up to full ahd. Many times tried out but the ship did not move. When Master realized there was no way out, he requested for powerful tugs which reached the ship after two days or so. In the mean time sounding of tanks etc. continued. Finally the tugs were able to pull the ship out and once again the ship proceeded on its way.

As soon as we arrived into the open sea, company / owner arranged for divers to access the damage. To everyone surprise there was not a scratch on the ships bottom, as the area where she ran a ground was muddy. Every one heaved a sigh of relief.

Lesson Learnt:

Always try out the standby equipments at 2 hrs notice. Do not neglect the safety procedures.
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