Blackout While Attending To Leakages

This incident occurred when I was 4th Engineer. It was 1400 hrs and ship was on coastal run to Chennai .

Chief Engineer instructed me to arrest sea water & Lub oil leakages on the running generator. I stopped sea water leakage by rapping cycle tube. Lub oil leakage was from lub. Oil trip device union. I tried to tighten the union. When I turned half turn the union gave away and the trip device tripped the generator causing a ‘black out’ and main engine tripped. Immediately whole engine room staff came down, one generator was under maintenance the other generator failed to start, since its air distributor had problem. It starts only when the fly wheel is turned few revolutions. Even after turning few revolutions, the auxiliary engine failed to start.

2/E immediately changed the lub.oil pipe from the engine which was under maintenance, and then the generator started restored the supply and started the main engine and slowly ship came upto its normal speed.

Lesson Learnt:

It is better to attend to the broken or leaky lines when engine is stopped. If it had to be done while running, caution has to be excercised to avoid such breakages. Such trivial pipes can be made from local workshops and can be kept as standby.
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