In one of the ship’s, auxiliary engine turbo charger overhaul became due. The work was undertaken by the ship’s staff. The turbocharger was overhauled, and boxed back with old bearings only as spare ones were not available. The auxiliary engine was tried out on no load and the load was gradually increased to normal load. After about 4 hrs of running, the turbocharger made heavy noise. The auxiliary engine was stopped after changing over the load to the standby engine. On investigation found that both bearings had failed. Informed the office and after receiving the new spares (rotor, both bearings, LO disc etc) the turbocharger was reassembled and commissioned.

Lesson Learnt:

Before opening up any machinery for o’haul, ensure that enough spares are available on board. Especially for the equipments like turbochargers, electrical motors etc., whenever the equipment is opened up, it is better that the bearings are renewed even though the running hours for the bearings are not over.
Batch - 45
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