29th Jun. 06

I am working since 20 years in Indian coastal F.G. ships. I have noticed many machinery breakdowns and injuries because of carelessness of the workers. The followings are two of many examples which took place mainly because of carelessness.

1. Once while working on L.O purifier vertical shaft in engine room at bottom floor, I found a motorman aged about 55 years fallen down with injuries to legs and hands. Luckily nothing had happened to the hand.

The matter was investigated and the company doctor said that the motorman was suffering from blood pressure and he had not been taking his medicines regularly.

2. Once an experienced motorman was given the work of replacing the defective mechanical seal for the domestic fridge compressor.

He completed the job on time and the machine was thereafter put on trial run for inspection. The inspections apparently found it in order as all the parameters were correct and compressor was operating without any noise.

The compressor was then finally put on commission, but after half an hour's running, the mechanical seal broke down completely and the system R 22 gas and sump L.O leaked out completely.

Investigation revealed that the motorman while fitting the seal components did not use his prescription glasses, and he made a mistake in reassembling the seal.
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