08th Jun. 06

Turbo alternator was running on part load in parallel with diesel generator.

It was observed that the main steam control valve to the turbine was sluggish at the time of starting the turbine.

This was informed to the Dept. Head who decided that the valve would get freed up by itself once put into use.

The T/G was running fine for 3 days during the course of the voyage and the valve was found operating fine.

On the day of the fatal accident the T/G exploded, shattering into pieces due to overspeeding of the turbine.

Although the overspeed alarm and trip were activated the steam control valve failed to shut leading to the disaster. As the T/G was running on constant load for sometime the valve had got stuck in the particular position and the trip did not activate.

The 3rd Engineer who was in the vicinity narrowly escaped with minor injuries.

Further checks revealed that the flow control valve spindle was slightly bent and would have been the cause for sluggishness.

Moreover, records for the overhaul of the valve as per PMS were not available.
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