11st May. 06

This incident took place onboard a bulk carrier. The vessel was along side at Paradeep port. There was a problem of slow hoisting in one of the cranes and the cargo operations stopped for that particular hold.

Since it was a matter of concern, Chief Engineer, Electrical Officer and Second Engineer were investigating the problem. After going through the hydraulic circuit of hoist operation, the problem was rectified and the hydraulic lines were being boxed back. During the process, Electrical Officer happened to touch one of the tube light frame, which doesn't have the protective cover. At the same time observed the lighting supply fuse was blown and Electrical Officer received a severe shock and collapsed.

The time was about 4.00pm and there was day light, so we could see Electrical Officer was not able to give any response and his breathing / heart beat had stopped.

Without delay, mouth to mouth respiration was given by Chief Engineer; chest massage was also given by me. Within short time he was able to move and there was response. Later took help of personnel and shifted him to shore hospital for observation. He recovered completely in 3 days but did not forget our timely help.

Thanks to medical first aid course that I could save a precious life with confidence
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