6th Apr. 06

Vessel was in Anchorage in a US port. All SW pumps were in a workshop for repairs.

On the particular day the main engine crank case doors were open as Engineers were working on various main engine bearings. The Fire was noticed an Aux. Engines around 1800hrs. By that time insulations an adjacent bunker tanks started burning. Engine room filled up with smoke and which was billowing out of funnel. Decision was taken to release Co2 system, and same was released.

Several problems popped up to make matters worse. While sealing up Engine room funnel flap quick closing wire snapped. Emergency fire pump suction valve was inside engine room and it was in closed position (manual valve). When Co2 was being released, master valve was found to be seized. It opened with great difficulty. On breaking pilot cylinders 4 to 5 Co2 bottle copper tubes that are connecting to the manifold broke open. There was only one B.A set on board; while making re-entry that bottle also finished in 5 minutes.

Since Main engine crank case doors were open, the Co2 reacted with Lubricant oil film deposited/coated the connecting rod, piston rod, bearings and journals with a hard black material.

It took 2 months for chemical companies to find a solution to clean it up.
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