8th Jul 05

The Auxiliary Boiler Burner was working erratically on the MV Glory and we were on the W. coast of America This incident happened when the 3rd Engineer who was in charge of this equipment carried out a complete overhaul of the burner. The C/E and the 3rd Engineer together with the fitter opened the burner and replaced the electrodes, the burner nozzle and set the whole equipment as per the manual. The burner would initially fire, but slowly there would be a blockage at the mouth of the furnace and an island would form. It was noticed after some time that there was a lot of oil accumulation in the burner housing and the burner would not fire.

I shut down the boiler completely and allowed the furnace to cool. Then removed the boiler burner assembly along with the carriage and exposed the furnace mouth. The furnace was ventilated. As we were sailing the exhaust boiler was put in use. The burner assembly, along with burner oil pump, and solenoid 3-way valve was overhauled, since we were burning H.F.O the calorifier was checked. The air damper was also checked. Everything was found normal.

The fuel oil pump seal was found damaged, it was replaced, and the pump was boxed up with a new set of pump gears. The burner was then mounted, checked ok. All connections were made; the furnace was cleaned and cleared of all ash content. Boiler fired and it ran well for 3 hrs.

The problem was the same oil was being found to be filling the burner space and covering the photoelectric sight glass. Once the burner fired it would keep running inspite of the oil being cut out by the automatic cycle, which was because of oil accumulation on the furnace, and in the burner body.

The opinion was that the heater was the integral part of the burner casing and could have cracked internally, but myself was not satisfied. There was a bypass to the heater which had been removed earlier. To prove that this was not so, a pipe was fabricated of a length on board and fitted in place with no change. It is then that the burner carriage was again removed and a thorough inspection was carried out.

All the opinion then shifted to the fuel pump, but self was sure that it was not so. It was then noticed the swivel chamber was eccentric and not centred. I brought this to the attention of the C/E and 3/E, and it was then brought to light that the 3/E had overhauled the mounting stem and in the process bent it.

The whole assembly & carriage was removed. Burner stem made centric and fittings made. The problem was thus overcome.
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