16th Nov 2006

Location: Engine room
Person Involved: Trainee Engineer
Port: Goa Anchorage
Date: January 2000
The Trainee engineer was on night duty. He was inexperienced. Once when during the night the generator engine was on load for cargo work, lube oil pipe for pressure gauge started leaking resulting in gradual loss of lube oil pressure.

0 Low lube oil alarm went off, and the trainee engineer got nervous and started running up & down, not knowing what exactly to do. The alarm continued to ring and finally the engine oil pressure became very low and the engine ran hot and finally stopped, with the Bearing seized.

The Engine lube oil trip had failed.Thus the engine continued to run even after the lube oil pressure fell below lower limit.

The trainee engineer also failed to stop the engine manually when the engine lube oil pressure was dropping even though he was available on the spot.
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