07th Nov 2006

Place: Vishakhapatnam, India

The incident

A)The tug was tied up along side the jetty. The crew can board the tug by climbing down a few steps on the jetty and land on the main deck through a Bulwark door.
B)At times the crew boards the tug by putting one leg on the tyre fender in between the jetty and bulwark side and the second leg on the bulwark coaming and lands on the main deck.
C)Also some of the crew put one leg directly on the bulwark coaming even avoiding the tyre fender and land on the main deck.

Other than the first method, the others are risky ones. The shift engineer on that day tried to board the tug by putting one leg on the bulwark coaming and tried to land on the tug. But bad luck. He slipped and fell in to the water and never came up.

When he was pulled up, he was already dead. This is an example of negligence and bad working practices whereby the shift engineer had to lose his life to wake everyone else up to the dangers in boarding the tug.
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