02nd Nov 2006

Prior to my assignment, the vessel had frequent problems on M/E turbo charger causing over heating. Every time after running for a day, the sealing bush came off due to volute casing overheating. Turbo charger had no thermometers fitted on L.O. side, nor on cooling water side.

At first instance, cooling water side and L.O side thermometers were fitted to watch actual temps and found cooling water temperature rising. Root cause turned out to be insufficient cooling water supply to T/C system.

Suspected one of the 3 numbers cooling water valves was in shut condition. The vessels cooling water system was connected to Aux. Engine cooling system also.

Vessel was stopped, complete power shut down, isolated system (cooling water) and checked 3 nos valves condition. Found one of the butterfly valve handles put in wrong direction.

(This mistake happened during dry-dock a month before. Thrice earlier, Turbo charger technicians had visited to overhaul and ad replaced sealing bushes.)

Problem was solved and thereafter found everything in order.
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