26th Oct 2006

Needles to say, there are many safety rules to be observed on board, right from the time one climbs up the gang way of a ship. It must be remembered that accidents come accidentally without any prior appointment or notice. I'd like to highlight some important safety points based on my own observations.

1) In engine room, while taking indicator card of either M/E or A/E, the person concerned must be very careful. One should always keep his head and eyes away as far as practicable from the indicator cock.
An eye protection like (goggles) will be prudent to use. Because, by any chance at the time of opening the indicator lock, if the pressurized exhaust comes in contact with the concerned persons eye or head it will lead to severe injury.

2) While climbing or getting down the ladder of a crane, tank, hatch, etc, proper cotton gloves need to be used. Leather gloves should not be used under any circumstances as they do not give sufficient grip. A tight grip of correct size gloves of correct material is of paramount importance.
If anyone looses his grip and falls down from a height inside a tank or hatch, a fatality is possible.

3) Entry in to enclosed spaces While entering an enclosed space, a life line must be used in conjunction with a breathing apparatus. If by any chance due to any reason the person inside the enclosed space becomes incapacitated, then he can be rescued or pulled out with the life line.
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