31th Aug 2006

The Engine room was in UMS Mode.

At 0500Hrs the Chief Officer gave 2 hours notice for tank cleaning. Fourth engineer was on duty, so he and his motor man went down. After taking E/ R rounds he came to the ECR and from the ECR Aux Engine Control Panel he pressed the start button of the Stand-by Generator. But the engine did not start and the start fail alarm was activated.

Next he went to the Generator Platform and found water coming out from No.1 Cylinder head. By this time the Generator Expansion tank low level alarm was activated. All engineers were informed.

No. 2 Gen CW System was isolated.

Subsequently, investigations revealed the following:

As No.2 Gen. was on Stand by mode, the 4th engineer did not bother to blow through the engine locally before he started it. An air cooler tube was leaking and sea water came to the inlet manifold and to the top of some pistons through the inlet v/v. No abnormal alarm was seen or heard on the Aux engine panel.

So when 4th engineer started the engine, No.2 cylinder head cracked. Also during crankcase inspection No. 4 connecting rod was found to be deformed. Both were replaced from ship spares. Leaking air cooler tube was plugged. Complete examination was conducted and after satisfactory trial runs Gen. was put on load.
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