10th Aug 2006

When approaching the harbor from Anchorage, it was noticed, the main engine was not making more than 40rpm (max designed rpm 95) and at the same time the load was maximum and the exhaust temperature of 1-3 units was 250o c and 4-6 units was 4300c.

The Engine was stopped and we started to investigate. Exhaust manifold cover was opened and checked for any choking on the Turbocharger inlet filter. Scavenging manifold cover was also opened and the air flaps checked. Both were found ok.

The engine was tried out but with no positive results. Then, suspecting the air cooler, the top louvre of the air cooler was opened and some water found. Drain line was dismantled, noticed about half the volume of the air cooler was filled up with water.

After draining the water from the air cooler, the engine was tried out and found behaving perfectly ok. The cause was found to be the air cooler drain line and the drain valve choked.
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