3rd Aug 2006

At one time the main Lubricant oil cooler was opened for cleaning.

Lubricant oil cooler plates were dismantled separately and each plate was cleaned and then boxed back. When trying out, we first started main lubricant oil pump. After a few minutes one of the crew on deck reported that lubricant oil was coming out from the shipside and oil was seen on the sea water.

Pump was immediately stopped and investigated; found lubricant oil is going through sea water side to overboard.

Again Lubricant oil cooler opened, dismantled, checked all plates and packing for damage; everything was in good condition. Also design of cooler plates are such that if there is any plate or packing damage, oil/ water will never mix with each other, instead oil/water will leak near the cooler.

Since vessel was anchored, cooler was opened and checked again and again for at least ten times, each time the problem continued to persist. We had increased tightening more than specified length. One time removed suspected plates in pairs and tightened again. But oil was still going overboard.

We spent 3 days to track the problem. People also became tired opening the cooler so many times.

At the end of the third evening, the Chief Engineer found that one of the end plates corrugation was not matching with the cooler end plate.

This plate was turned upside down and then the cooler tightened to correct length and then tried out. Found no more leakage.
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