27th July 2006

This is with respect to Main Engine failing to start after dry docking of vessel.

Vessel had undocked and the engine was tried out, it turned on air but failed to fire on fuel. The engine type was 6570MC B & W. Necessary checks were carried out to ascertain the cause by priming the fuel system upto the fuel valve but the engine still failed to start.

The vessel was later tied up at the wharf and after checking it was found that the entire air cooler was filled up with bilge water. The M/E scavenge drain was connected to the bilge tank. The bilge tank was full and the sounding pipe capped. The water from the bilge tank had filled up the air cooler through the scavenge drain valves which had been kept open. This blocked the air to the engine and the engines failed to start.

The water was drained from the air cooler and engines started. Later air cooler was cleaned and washed down on the air side to remove all the dirty oil/bilge water to prevent carryover to engine.

As a precaution it is advised that the distance pipe be removed after the scavenge air drain. So no water ingresses into the M/E air cooler.

As an additional precaution a new return screw down valve was fitted at the drain pipe to the bilge tank.
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