9th Aug. 04

This is a case to highlight the daily checks and routines that are overlooked in the case of machinery.

In this particular case, in a discharge port a fully loaded crude oil tanker with a dual evaporation boiler was having automation problems, which tripped during cargo discharge.

The chief engineer came down to ECR where 2nd engineer was busy trying to restart the boiler on 'manual' mode. However, with a self-assurance that he would be able to start up soon, he did not shut the main steam stop valve. But it took up to half an hour to start up the boiler and steam condensation took place in the line.

On steam pressure build up, the junior engineer standby at steam turbine of COP's opened the turbine steam stop valve after a bit of draining. However, on further opening, there was a loud sound and the stop v/v of turbine failed and the E/R was filled with steam and smoke. Immediately the blowers were put on exhaust mode.

Luckily the junior engineer escaped unhurt.
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