21st June 04

ABB turbocharger for RTA Engines has a pickup for turbocharger rpm, fitted with lub oil pump. The flow of lub oil can be checked through a sight glass, and there is an arrangement for a no-flow alarm.

As the vessel was coming out of port a full ahead was given. The turbocharger surged and the engine was slowed down immediately and stopped; the lub oil no-flow alarm had sounded. The senior engineers are at the T/C by then and observe T/C still rotating; but forward engine is not getting any lub oil.

The end cover is opened up and on inspection we find the rubber magnetic pick up and bearing pieces.

The inspection of lub oil showed that it had sucked the metal particles of magnetic pick up, stopping the flow of oil and instantly seizure of the lub oil pump.

The magnetic pickup is not visible from the sight glass; so later a new design of magnetic pick up, rather than the self-locking type, was employed. The material of pick up was also changed.
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