(Manoharan M V)

Port of Tianjin, ship was moored alongside. The wharf was an ‘L’ shaped along the channel. The scenario was that a small Chinese coaster proceeding down the channel to sea and a panamax vessel entering the channel.When the panamax vessel was crossing ahead of the moored vessel to enter the channel, this caused the moored vessel to come under the blind sector for the Chinese coaster who has altered course to port to avoid colliding with the panamax vessel.

As soon as the panamax cleared the bow of the moored vessel, the Chinese coaster was surprised to see the huge vessel moored in front of her. It was too late, but still the Master of Chinese vessel tried his best by going full astern and dropping the anchor. The Chinese vessel collided with the vessels port bow resulting in a hole of 4m x 4m on the bow plating. It took nearly 15 days to complete the repairs and to sail out, and the coaster’s owner had to bear all the costs resulting in a heavy loss for him.
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