Main Engine (B&W KGF) exhaust valve roller guide roller bearing damaged while engine was running at revs of 93.

While taking over watch, the third engineer found that one of the units cam case was running hot. Engine speed reduced and primary inspections carried out. Regarding Lubrication all found ok.

After stopping the engine thorough inspection carried out and found roller bearing broken and bronze cage came out in pieces. Pulled out the roller guide after removing high pressure pipe and pump unit.

Old and used spare dismantled for overhauling as there was no new spare. Roller bearing assembled and put back on the unit and engine tried out; found satisfactory. Company was informed about the damage and arrange spare on arrival next port.

B&W sent instructions to carry out regular checkup of roller guides of both EXH V/V and FUEL P/P for the ships over 15 years of age.

We carried our the inspection of above, every month after this accident and found all rollers free while turning on turning gear. Also gave instruction to watchkeepers to feel the temperature of cam casing at frequent intervals.
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