The following incident occurred in the bow-thruster compartment of a ship, and which resulted in the death of an Electrical Officer and a fitter.

(a) The Electrical Officer and fitter dismantled the Bow-Thruster for overhaul inside the compartment below the forecastle store and it was a confined space with no ventilation.
(b) After dismantling the motor the electrical officer and fitter sprayed electro clean on the motor windings and proceeded for tea break.
(c) Later the electrical officer returned forward to the compartment followed after about 15 minutes by the fitter.
(d) The ship's staff on finding the electrical officer and fitter not having come for lunch went to the compartment for investigation.
(e) Both electrical officer and fitter were found unconscious inside and when brought up to the ventilated space were found to have died.
The immediate cause of the death seemed to be asphyxiation inside an enclosed space with little or no ventilation.
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