During taking over a watch, while taking rounds near the auxiliary engines, I noted that 4EO was working on aux eng. No. 1

He was opening the F.O. and L.O. filters for cleaning. The opened-up F.O. filter elements were kept on the floor plate with oily rags and the area was wet with fuel oil. After opening L.O. filter he kept it on the floor and switched on the wire lamp, which was hung on a hook on the bulkhead.

As he carelessly pulled the wire lamp it fell down near the rags and being without the glass cover & protecting grill, its bulb broke. The still hot filament of the bulb came in contact with the oily rags that instantly caught fire. The 4EO was stunned for a moment and he backed away. I, though shocked for a moment, picked up a nearby foam extinguisher and within a few seconds extinguished the fire.

Saved us all.
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