This is regarding a machinery breakdown on vessel while leaving port.

Our main-engines MAN-BEW BL60MC type had a rotary type of distributor. On one occasion the main-engines could not be started and the follow up led to distributor failure. When we opened up the rotary air-distributor, the reversing disc was scored heavily and thereby leakage of pilot air was taking place. The reversing disc was also having a burr on the circumference preventing easy withdrawal of same.

It took us several hours of removal of burr, by getting a cutting tool from air outlet pipe and by slow turning of the distributor. From then on the new reversing discs were always chamfered on the mating side and we started more frequent inspections, to achieve trouble-free air starting.

As this problem of wear on reversing disc was of frequent nature on all the sister vessels, and in spite of more maintenance schedules, the main engines startability was not 100% at all times. So with the advise of the makers (Licensee) Hitachi-Zosen, Japan, our ships are now fitted with negative-cam type of air-distributor.

These are expected to be trouble free.
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