I had witnessed the following accident on a ship some years ago.

The quarter-master after his watch on the bridge was permitted at his own request by the Chief Officer to do chipping on the side wall of the swimming pool of the ship.

Only later on we learnt that he had fallen into the swimming pool and injured his head.

But our first aid, etc. could not save his life.

It was found that he had fallen and suffered a serious head injury and as a result he died. The reasons for this fatal accident were found to be.

(1) the seaman was not wearing a safety helmet
(2) he was not wearing a safety belt
(3) he was not wearing bath room type of sandals

Only one person was posted to adjust the plank height when the seaman wanted to chip the wall & wanted to be lowered a bit to reach a new area. As the plank tilted badly while adjusting the rope he lost his balance on the plank and fell from the height of 3 mtrs. on to the steel bottom of the pool.

Also, no officer had inspected the safety preparation for the above work.
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