After cargo discharge pilot boarded around 1800 hrs (on 20th Jan 1992), when 3rd engineer after confirming with bridge tried out ME.

Noticed one of the exchange valve (no. 3 unit) not operating. Same not informed to Chief Engineer, who was at the time in ECR.

3/E then went to workshop to bring Allen key to purge out some L.O. from the affected unit He returned and while Priming with one hand with four fingers he was holding EXH V/V (No 2 unit) spring and standing on the cylinder head, while with the other hand he wanted to slacken the Allen key.

In the mean time from Bridge Stby / DS Ahd was given, same answered by C/E, Engine was started and 3 / E lost 4 fingers.

Lesson: Poor Communication can lead to accident
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