Mumbai, Monday, March 17th, 2003

We had severe breakdowns of the Lube Oil purifier. The purifier top aluminum hood broke into pieces twice in one year.

When the first time it broke we changed the entire parts top to bottom. Suspect parts were also renewed and tried out. Purifier ran OK for six more months, and then the same thing happened. The top hood broke into pieces.

The expert was called in. He suspected the buffer spring of the vertical shaft to be causing excessive vibration. The expert checked the rest and concluded that all was fine with the machinery.

While on our next voyage we checked the purifier while running at high speed and found it to be OK. We also checked the electrical circuit of the desludging process. The timer was found stuck. It was repaired. Purifier operated and found satisfactory. After repairing the timer purifier was put on load.

Now a days we are mostly depend up on electronic and electrical circuit. Which may ---- fail one day. We should ------ check out only -------- ---------- and also electronic/ electrical control too.
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