Capt Abdul Sukkur

The ship was a container ship berthing at Port Sudan. Tow tugs assisted the ship to berth. Vessel berthed and the pilot went off. The cargo work started and the vessel started discharging the containers. After about 4 hrs, one person came on board and delivered a letter to Master, stating that the ship has been arrested as the life raft of forward tug got damaged while berthing. The matter has to be settled, otherwise the ship will not be allowed to sail.

The agents were informed, port authority was also informed. Everybody is saying that the ship was at fault. Actually, it was the tug master who had to be found fault with, as instead of coming perpendicular, he took the tug in parallel with the ship and the protruding life raft hit the ship’s side and got damaged.

Finally the company had to bear the penalty and the ship sailed out.
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