E Muthukumar, C/E

The vessel got grounded near Doha, while passing shallow waters. The ship’s draft was around 6m and as per the chart (surveyed in 1964), the depth showed as 8m. So Master took the ship in the shallow waters and the ship grounded. Repeated attempts were made to refloat the vessel, and after a few trials the engines failed. Tugs were called for assistance, the first attempt in the daytime failed. Hence in the night time again the tugs came to refloat the vessel.

The wind speed was getting higher up, the tugs somehow managed to float the vessel, but in the bargain, the rudder got damaged. The steering gear was of the rotary vane type, and the stock slipped from the actuator and moved to another position. The ship had to be docked in Dubai for repairs and led to heavy expenses to the company.

Lesson learnt :

it is better to avoid shallow waters unless otherwise it can not be avoided. Also Master should ensure that the charts are updated, so that such damages can be avoided.
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