Mumbai, Monday, February 3rd, 2003 While the vessel where I was Chief Engineer completed Bulk cargo discharge at Tubarao early in the night, I instructed the Second Engineer to try out the main engine two hours Before Pilot boarding the ship.

The Second Engineer informs me at 23.15 "While trying out, the Engine doesn't reverse and is in astern position", and pilot was expected at 23.30!

I had tried out the main engine 2 days before after fuel pump overhaul and not been expecting any problem at all. Meanwhile pilot boarded ship. Initial checks did not give any clues. Hence checked with Master if the vessel could be taken to anchorage so that I could do the necessary checks. But pilot declined.

During fault finding, I observed that the main engine hydraulic booster has two L.O. inlet non return valves and one is missing. Hydraulic Booster 'O' rings had been inspected during overhaul. The available valve which is of 70 mm and 30mm in dia was shifted to astern side valve and engine put on Ahead direction.

Vessel sailed out. Since the exact measurement had been taken during inspection spare valve made on board and Engine stopped out at sea to fit newly made valve with spring.

The main engine tried out both ahead and astern several times and proceeded to next port. And no problem occurred thereafter.
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