Mumbai, Monday, January 27th, 2003

In the problem we had I would like to highlight how automation for alarm system helped save the main engine from a major break down. In the middle of the night while under UMS we received an alarm indicating M/E Jacket cooling water De-aeration tank low.

We vented the chamber by slackening the flange bolts when hot vapour was observed venting out. The same repeated till morning & then engine slowed down stepwise to investigate the problem. When the engine reduced to D.S. Ahead revs No. 1 unit Exhaust deviation alarm activated. Ultimately engine stopped & left it for an hour to cool down to enable open no.1 unit head.

The cooling water pipe connection from head to common manifold removed for observation. Found air escaping from a pinhole on the exhaust valve. Upon getting passage to cooling water side Exhaust valve repaired and problem solved.

Engine started, and ship back on sea passage. The alarm system & pipe line design technique helped finding out the problem in an early stage & avoiding a major problem.
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