Mumbai, Monday, January 20th, 2003

Vessel was departing after a port stay of around 10 days during which period the purifier had not been in operation.

After the V/L changed over to HO from DO, the 3/E informs the C/E & 2/E that no oil is coming to the purifier. 2/E goes for investigation and loosens the bolts of the bottom flange of the quick closing valve of the HO setting which was filled with hot oil of about 70 80 deg C.

Suddenly the oil started gushing out and the 2/E could not control the flow. The hot oil spilled over the exhaust manifold of the already running M/E. This led to an instant fire that spread totally uncontrolled.

The Master decided to release CO2 as a last resort knowing fully well that the 4/E may be trapped in the E/Room.

Latter, the 4/E's dead body was traced and the death was due to suffocation. Points to Ponder

C/E present at the scene should have stopped the 2/E from loosening the flange of the V/V without emptying the tank.

2/E was recently promoted and in his enthusiasm must have done what he did without properly thinking about it.
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