The vessel was a container vessel (4200 TEU). V/L was at Messina dry dock. The repair jobs were over and the vessel was to sail out. Three pilots boarded the vessel. Tugs were made fast and aft lines cast off the ship was pulled out very fast by the tugs. It was very fast that the vessel’s movement could not be controlled by the forward ropes. The aft came in contact with a knuckle of the dock and the diesel oil tank got holes. Luckily the tank was empty. The ship came into the channel and the tugs were ordered to cast off and first movement was given (dead slow ahead).

Engines failed and there was a fire in the engine room. Ship’s both anchors were dropped, and tugs were called for assisting. Pilots were in a hurry and all the three started giving instructions for heaving up the anchor and to proceed. While heaving, it was found that the anchors got fouled and there was delay. Pilots lost their patience and was instructing the Master in a haphazard way, and Master lost patience and asked the pilots to go off. Pilots informed the port authorities and left the ship. They also informed tugs not to assist the ship. Luckily by God’s grace, the engines also got ready and the ship sailed out safely.
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