On a vessel where I sailed the Exhaust gas Boiler was fitted with thermal oil circulation. Due to aging of the boiler a tube holed and the thermal circulating oil leaked out while the vessel was alongside.

Tried to rectify the leakage by welding the hole but it was not possible as the pipe (coil) was giving way due to wear & aging. Thought of punching the hole and enlarging the same. After enlarging blew air to the particular coil and took the oil out of the coil. Cleaned the surface area properly.

There was no time left and the vessel was to move anchorage (we were in Singapore) for further repair to the coil or isolate the boiler permanently. Started the M/E and moved to Anchorage.

After dropping the Anchor checked for any possible fire, which I quite suspected. But for the period of one hour I could not see any sign of one. After about 75 minutes however saw light smoke coming out from the funnel and immediately could see the violent flame from the exhaust boiler pipe, which became red hot.

Immediately put water though the funnel with hoses and in about five minutes the flame was arrested and we could make out that the fire was now extinguished. Then from the top covered the funnel to stop the fresh air coming into the boiler though the funnel.

Here though the water came to the T/C turbine side and went into the exhaust manifold.

Opened up the nozzle ring cover (MITSUBISHI T/C), cleaned the turbine with freshwater and opened up exhaust manifold, took out the accumulated water and cleaned the area with fresh water. Boxed up everything and sailed on schedule.

Decided to put the exhaust gas boiler out of service.
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