S Neelakantan, 3/E

Ship was berthed. 2/E gave instructions to fitter that the scavenge doors of all units should be kept open to enable inspection of scavenge spaces. He instructed 3/E and 4/E to keep the plant ready in the afternoon, as the ship’s stay will be less and the vessel, likely to leave by evening.2/E entered the scavenge space for inspection after, the doors were opened up. He did not inform anybody. The main engine was B&W and had the dog type self locking door for the scavenge spaces.

The door got locked and 2/E got trapped inside and no body knew about it. As per instructions, others kept the plant ready and they wanted to try out the engine. Since 2/E could not be found, search was made to locate 2/E, but in vain and no body thought that he could have got trapped inside the scavenge space. Pilot was on board and the ship had to sail out. Due to pressure from the bridge, the engines were started and the ship was taken out side and anchored.On anchoring, following a doubt, the scavenge doors were again opened up and found 2/E dead inside.

Lesson learnt :

proper safety procedures have to be followed like the permit for enclosed space entry. Stand by person has to be kept down before entering the scavenge space, and all precautions in regard to enclosed space should have been followed.
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