S. Dinasekaran, 3/E

Ship was sailing from Thailand to China. One ballast line was badly corroded on the deck and was leaking. The repair work of arresting the leakage by a sleeve was given to the trainee fitter. The fitter was not given any assistance and he had to work all alone. Hot work permit was not issued and safety measures were neglected. Life boat was being tried out by 3/E and one assistant. 3/E noticed that the trainee fitter was in a lying position and he assumed that he is welding the bottom side of a pipe line. After about 30 minutes, 3/E noticed that the fitter had not changed his position and he was lying in the same position.

He sent his assistant to check up as to what had happened to the fitter. The assistant came back and replied that the fitter looks unconscious and is not responding. 3/E ran down to ECR and put off the power supply to the welding equipment and raised the emergency alarm. By the time people understood and gathered, the fitter had already lost his life. The fitter had burn marks and conclusion was he died due to severe sock.On investigation, it was found that the welding cable had too many joints and patches and also earthing was not checked by authorized personnel.

Lesson learnt :

Any hot work should start with hot work permit. The person issuing the permit should check for all safety measures, insulation, earthing etc. Also any welding work should not be done alone and an assistance or help has to be given to welder. Also fire petrol to be kept in the vicinity of welding.
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