T P Divagaran C/E

Chief engineer used CTC for cleaning a dirty contact. After cleaning, he handed over the can to the oiler and told him to keep it in the store. The oiler left in the control room table and forgot to keep it in the store.

Ship was in port and in the night there were only two duty personnel. The oiler in the night duty, came under the influence of alcohol. He saw the CTC bottle in the ECR table, he mistook it for water and drank it. He felt severe burning feeling, and was rushed to the doctor. Doctor prescribed relevant medicines and advised him to stop the alcohol. He ignored and again took more alcohol.

The situation became worse and he was to be admitted in the hospital where he died after 4 days.

Lesson learnt :

Do not come to duty under the influence of alcohol. Also keep the toxic liquids and substances stored in a proper way and keep it away from the common places.
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