(Capt V K Kapoor)Vessel M V Car Carrier,


Gulf of Mexico, Port Vera cruzThe vessel sailed out of Veracruz at about 0800 hrs bound for Tampa in Florida, USAAs per weather report Tropical Depression about 50 nM north of vessel’s track about 150 nM away.

The formation was till uncertain.About 4 hours after sailing, weather started to deteriorate, and the latest weather report showed that the TD had turned into TRS (storm). The new position lay at 80 nM on vessel’s track.Vessel’s intended track was taking her directly into the eye of the storm. Hence decision was to take evasive action.

The immediate solution available was to head into the wind and get close to land in order to utilize the fetch.With heavy seas/swell and wind from ahead, vessel was able to steam with minimum RPM only and the maximum speed achieved was only about 1.5 knots.Vessel move in this manner for about 44 hrs until she reached about 7 nM from the coast where swell had reduced considerably.

It was possible to increase the rpm here.She then hugged the coast and skirted the typhoon and proceeded on her intended voyage.
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