On one of my ships the Engine Fitter had to remove a leaky Sea Water Pipe at the bottom platform. So he carried a toolbox in one hand, Welding Rod & Cutting Torch attachment in the other.

From the Workshop he had to take the ladder to reach the bottom platform. As both his hands were engaged while climbing down, when his foot slipped accidentally he crashed down to the floor. His helmet flew off, and he ended up with a head injury, and several bruises and scratches to his hands and feet.


Even though the fitter was wearing safety apparel, he failed to realize the basic safety aspect of keeping one hand free to hold the railings when using ladders to go up or down them.

All ship's personnel must be briefed to use full safety attire, carry necessary tools in one tool box, and keep one hand always free for holding railings of ladders.

If more items are needed they should make additional trips as required.
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