This incident occurred during a change over of the staff on board a vessel. The vessel was to be taken over by a new staff after being sold. The take over took place at the anchorage and within 1 hour, the vessel was called into the port for berthing.The 2nd A/E started the main air compressor 1 and charged the air bottles.

The anchor was heaved and the vessel started proceeding towards the pilot point.Once the vessel started moving, with the old C/E in the control room, the new C/E started taking rounds. He went near the air compressor, found No. 1 compressor running satisfactorily. He checked the No. 2 air compressor, found sump level satisfactory. He asked the 2nd A/E whether he tried out the No.2 air compressor, for which the 2nd A/E said he had just given a start and it has to be tried out.C/E found the pressure gauge showing erratic reading, and he called for a spare pressure gauge and renewed the same. He tried out the No.2 Air compressor, and when it was loaded, the motor started stalling.

Drained the crankcase oil, and opened the crank case, found small particles of bearing metal. On further inspection, found all the bearings damaged and bearing metal squeezed out.Further investigation, revealed that the lubricating oil pump was in operational. The overhaul done by the previous staff was not correct. Further low lub oil pressure trip was bypassed and hence the motor did not trip off on low lub oil pressure.On berthing, overhaul was carried out, and the compressor was made ready and operational.

(Mr Vommi V A, C/E)
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