It happened enroute on one of the generators on load.

All the units exhaust temperature was found to be exceedingly high under sea load. All parameters were checked like H.O., pre. F.O. Temps etc.

All showed normal. So we decided to change over and inspect the Engine. On visual inspection for about 1 hour nothing abnormal was noticed. Then after sometime we noticed water leaking from the Turbocharger air filter.

The T/C drain cock was opened and checked. It was choked. T/C dismantled to find out the source of the leakage.

The inlet casing was found thinned and a hole formed. The hole was about 1 Sq. cm. As no spares were in stock, and the generator was needed at next port as Standby, we made temporary repairs with steel putty.

The Generator was run on load checking the drain cock at specified intervals. In stopped condition the drain cock remained open. Later we received the inlet casing and permanent repairs were made.
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